Permanent exhibition

Permanent ExhibitionThe Permanent Exhibition presents the formation and appearance of the landscapes of South Tyrol on the basis of selected examples. It is hoped that visitors will not only view the exhibitions, but also actively participate in the museum experience.

In addition to classic dioramas, the Permanent Exhibition thus also makes use of models, scenes, games, experiments, and – a real highlight – the 9,000-liter sea aquarium and the new Nautilus-Aquarium.

Geology in South Tyrol

Geology in South Tyrol

In the first part of the exhibition, the geological development of four typical landscapes of South Tyrol is presented. These pages provide additional interesting information.

The Habitat of South Tyrol

The Habitat of South Tyrol

In the second part of the exhibition, visitors can view four typical landscapes of South Tyrol. These pages provide additional information



Here you can find more information on our Aquarium.

Bozen Quartz Porphyry


On these pages, you can learn more about volcanism in South Tyrol.

How was the quartz porphyry in South Tyrol formed?