The Flora of South Tyrol

Flora von Südtirol

Current research in the field of Botany focuses on the cataloging of pteriodophytes (ferns) and spermatophytes (seed-bearing plants) of the province of Bozen/Bolzano. The goal is to catalog all of the flora of the province and thus to fill a century-old gap which has existed since the publication of the last standard work on South Tyrol (Dalla Torre & Sarnthein 1906-1912).

Neophytes of Tyrol


The purpose of this super-regional project is to investigate how the neophyte flora within the historic boundaries of Tyrol has changed over the course of the last century.

The Formenkreis of Festuca valesiaca in South Tyrol


South Tyrol and especially the Vinsch Valley (Val Venosta) are among those parts of the Alps in which the Formenkreis (a group of related allopatric species or subspecies) of the Wallis Fescue (Festuca valesiaca agg.) has attained an extremely wide morphological range. In addition to the diploid F. valesiaca and the hexaploid F. rupicola, recently, even octoploid forms (F. bauzanina) have been discovered.