The Gall Midges of South Tyrol


With regards to gall midges, South Tyrol is among the best-researched regions in Europe.

The Locusts of South Tyrol

Die Heuschrecken Südtirols

Research on the dissemination in recent times of locusts in South Tyrol.

Small Mammalian Fauna of South Tyrol

Die Kleinsäugerfauna Südtirols

Since 1995, the Museum of Nature South Tyrol has conducted investigations on small mammalians native to the region. The expression "small mammalians" includes moles (Talpidae) and shrews (Soricidae) belonging to the Order of Insectivora, as well as dormice (Gliridae), True Mice (Muidae), and Arvicolidans (voles, lemmings, and muskrats), all of which belong to the Order of Rodentia (rodents). South Tyrol has been determined to be home to a total of 25 species.